Have a question about the server that you just can't figure out? Listed here are questions that the players commonly ask. This page will be expanded as new questions are added.

Questions (Most pertain to all servers on Modded Minecraft)

Q: How do I protect my stuff?

A: On our servers we use a plugin called GriefPreventionPlus. This plugin allows everyone to claim an area of their own using a golden shovel. To get this golden shovel just type: /kit claim. Take this shovel and right click on opposite corners of the area you want to claim. This area is protected from bedrock to the sky limit.

Q: How do I get /tpa?

A: You need to register on our website to be able to gain access to this command. Registering is completely free and only takes a couple of minutes. To start your registration type /register In-Game or go to

Q: How do you get more claim blocks?

A: There are a few ways to gain claim blocks:

  1. Every 1 hour of playtime you will passively gain claim blocks
  2. Every time you vote you will gain 250 claim blocks
  3. You can use your Vote points on our web store to purchase claim blocks
  4. You can donate for claim blocks on our web store.

Q: How do i get more Money?

A: All economy based questions will be answered on this page:

Q: Does the server have PvP?

A: No, If the server does not specifically say PvP in the server list MOTD, Then it is not a PvP Server.